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Nothing Like a Little Magic to Bring us all Together
During this Time of Social Distancing!
Watch This Until The End

*Due to the hands on nature of this Magic Workshop
class size is limited.

 free Online Magic workshop Reveals:
The Secrets to Three Awesome Tricks 
And the Keys to Performing Them Well! 
+ Plus access to our online Magic Vault, allowing your kids to see the tricks performed all over again, along with the instructions, long after the class has ended. 

Private Workshops

If you have a special interest group such as a girl scout/boy scout troop or if you are a business owner who would like to arrange a private workshop for your employee's families please contact me directly via email at  

Workshop Date & Time:

July 15, 2020 
What You Will Learn From This Online Magic Workshop:
Secret #1: 
How To Make An Object DOUBLE in Size!
Secret #2: 
How To Make Money Appear!
Secret #3: 
 How To Perform A Super Fun Card Trick!
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